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Spring AGM Meeting
May 25th, 2023 7PM - Bronx Park Community Centre

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Uniform Deadline - October 31, 2022
Uniform Deadline - October 31, 2022

League Fees Deadline - September 26, 2022
League Fees Deadline - September 26, 2022


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AGM Reminder - May 25th 2023 @ 7PM


Winnipeg Women's Volleyball League Spring Annual General Meeting 

Thursday, May 25th at 7pm
Bronx Park Community Centre  (131 Chelsea place)

Attendance by a team representative is mandatory. Failure to attend will result in the forfeiture of the team's $100 performance bond.

Please remember to also advise if you will be leaving the $100 performance bond with the league by May 21st. Your team contact should receive a message from the WWVL as well as their tier convenor. 

This can be found under your team's registration. 

Section is under the Registration login:

Performance Bond is on the left hand side once logged into the registration portal.

Ensure that you select Yes or No ahead of the spring AGM (by May 21st) so that we can accommodate requests accordingly. 

As a reminder - we will be voting to accept the minutes from the last meeting (the Fall Organizational Meeting).  Items can be found in the downloads section of the website. Direct links provided below.

Meeting minutes are available at: Fall FOM Meeting Minutes

Draft/Preliminary financials are available at: AGM 22-23 Financials

See you then!


World Police and Fire Games July 28 - Aug 6 - Volunteers Needed

"The Largest Sporting Event Ever Hosted in Manitoba"
The World Police and Fire Games July 28 - August 6, 2023
Venue:  Dakota Field House
Indoor Volleyball Event Dates: July 28 - August 1, 2023
Hello Ladies!
We are currently looking for volunteers for a variety of positions to help us put on the best indoor volleyball tournament (Men's, Women's & Co-ed) the World Police and Fire Games has ever seen.  Its always a great competition and a chance to meet players from all over the world.
Save the date and get involved. Apply to Volunteer At: https://www.wpfg2023.com/
Amber Tittlemier
Lana Bourroughs
Andrea Scott

2022/2023 Season - 5 player rule and

2022/2023 Season - 5 player rule and "Ghost" player rule 
HI all, as we are still transitioning into a post COVID environment, in an effort to accommodate to changing needs and to allow maximum games to be played/minimize defaults,  as a friendly reminder, for the 2022 - 2023 Season, teams are ALLOWED to start and continue play with 5 players as per our guidelines under section E.6. Defaults (as per below).   **Note – guidelines E.6.2, E.6.3, and E.6.4 will not be enforced in the 2022-2023 season as long as teams have 5 players. If a team has less than five players then E.6.2 – E.6.4 will apply.
These rules have been provided to the MVOA, who will continue to reinforce it down to the refs.
  E.6 DEFAULTS - 5 player rule
1) Teams must be warmed up and ready to play at the scheduled match start time. 
2) If a team does not have six players at the scheduled match start time, the first set is defaulted. Fifteen minute intervals are allowed for the second and third sets. Therefore, after 30 minutes, the entire match is defaulted and a match loss and fine (see Appendix) are assessed. 
3) If a team defaults the first set, the team is permitted to warm-up until the start time of the second set (i.e., if the sixth player arrives at 7:05 p.m. for a 7:00 p.m. match start, the first set is defaulted and the team may warm up until 7:15 p.m.). 
4) If both teams have less than six players at the scheduled match start time, the first set is not played and the second set will start 15 minutes later (assuming both teams have six players at the new start time). If this occurs, then a maximum of only four sets are played in the match instead of five.   

Teams can start and play with 5 players:

If a team only has 5 players at the starting match time, they will be allowed to start without penalty.  This overrides the guideline, E.6.2,  in a temporary capacity for the 2022 - 2023 Season . The following are the scenarios:

  • If a 6th player arrives, they will join the rotation in the following set.
  • In the case of 5 players, 3 players will always be considered front row players.
  • When the “ghost” player rotates into position 1 to serve, that team will lose the serve/point
  • In the case of an injury, if a team only has 5 players, they can continue playing, and the injured player can re-enter the match at their own discretion.  The “ghost” player will continue to be used. 
Should you have further questions/concerns, please message your tier convenor and/or email president@wwvl.ca

Coaches Needed - Volleyball Winnipeg

Hello everyone,

Volleyball Winnipeg is looking for coaches for some of its club teams as well as its recreational league. These programs include both boys and girls teams. If you are interested in learning more about the sport and helping young athletes grow, this is a great opportunity to do so. Every coach would be working alongside our instructors at elite club, otherwise you can be provided with your own team. This is a chance to build knowledge and learn how we train our athletes. 
If you are interested, details such as schedules, pay, ect. can be further discussed.
Please email hello@volleyballwinnipeg.ca with some information on your background and your experience with playing and coaching volleyball. 
Thank you,
Volleyball Winnipeg

Reminder on RR Movement/ Placement for 2022/2023 Season

For the 2021 – 2022 Season, it was communicated and agreed upon by WWVL members, that standings/results for in year play would not count towards placement for the following year.

This was communicated at both the fall and spring meetings for the 2021- 2022 season as well as being reinforced at the Fall Meeting for the 2022 -2023 Season.  Please see the guideline - D.1.b for the following statement:

** Note for 2022/2023 Season – standings for 2021-2022 will not affect tier placement. Both the prior season ahead of the Covid shutdown (19/20) and the (21/22) season will be reviewed along with the existing teams that have registered, and teams that held their spot for the year (i.e. did not play in 21/22 season) will be considered during placement. Please note that balancing these factors is a very difficult assessment, and will be evaluated by the WWVL Executive.**

As a reminder, placement will occur only for Round Robin 1 (RR1) of a new season. Movement of teams for RR2 and RR3 will be as outlined in guidelines - Section E.9 Tier Movement. This means that based on your results in this season, tier movement (both up and down) is possible based on standings.

Guidelines are available here: 2022 - 2023 Guidelines

Should you have additional specific questions, please direct them to president@wwvl.ca

RR3 Reminders

2022 - 2023 Season Reminders:

We will be following Volleyball Canada rule book and where there isn't a rule, the WWVL board has come to a decision for the season: 

Warmup – will change back to warming up together ,  however teams can request separate, warmup however that will minimize the time.

Volleyball Canada - OFFICIAL WARM-UP SESSION 7.2.1 Prior to the match, if the teams have previously had a playing court exclusively at their disposal, they are entitled to a 6-minute official warm-up period together at the net; if not, they may have 10 minutes. 7.2.2 If either captain requests separate (consecutive) official warm-ups at the net, the teams are allowed 3 minutes each or 5 minutes each, according to Rule 7.2.1. 7.2.3 In the case of consecutive official warm-ups, the team that has the first service takes the first turn at the net.

Shaking hands – will go back to shaking hands at the beginning of the match. 

Switching sides - will go back to switching sides. 

Volleyball Canada - 18.2 CHANGE OF COURTS 18.2.1 After each set, the teams change courts, with the exception of the deciding set (Rule 7.1). -45- 18.2.2 In the deciding set, once the leading team reaches 8 points, the teams change courts without delay and the player positions remain the same. If the change is not made once the leading team reaches 8 points, it will take place as soon as the error is noticed. The score at the time that the change is made remains the same.

7.1 THE TOSS Before the match, the first referee carries out a toss to decide upon the first service and the sides of the court in the first set. If a deciding set is to be played, a new toss will be carried out. 7.1.1 The toss is taken in the presence of the two team captains. 7.1.2 The winner of the toss chooses: -28- EITHER the right to serve or to receive the service OR the side of the court. The loser takes the remaining choice.

Other reminders: 

  • General:  The HOME TEAM will be responsible for setting up and taking down the net.  Each team must bring scorecards to every match or they will be fined.  Matches are best of five sets; all sets are rally point and must be won by two points.  The first four sets are to 25 points and the fifth set is to 15 points.
  • Spectators:  in select facilities there are no spectators allowed. Please abide by these rules if your team is playing there. 
  • Home Team:  The home team is responsible for bringing the game ball and a scoresheet to the match.  We do not have an official league ball.  As long as the ball is a standard indoor volleyball and in game ready condition, the refs should accept it. 
  • Uniforms:  The uniform deadline is October 31.  Any player not in uniform after the deadline will be fined.
  • Scoresheets:  Scoresheets can be found on the Downloads section of the WWVL website.  Please submit your completed scoresheets to me within 48 hours of the match date by e-mail (photo or scan of both sides of your scoresheet). **Fines will be assessed if scoresheets are not received within 48 hours. **
  • Substitutions: Substitutions from the SAME or any lower WWVL tier are allowed if you are concerned about fielding 6 players for an entire match.  Teams may use one or two substitutes per match and the sub(s) must be clearly noted on the scoresheet (name, tier & team name).  **Note – this guideline may be reviewed in the following year. 2 substitution rule is being retained as we continue to navigate through Covid and Illness Protocols **
  • Five Player Rule: In case of illness/injury, the match may proceed with 5 players (injured players may return for the remainder of the match at their own discretion) or a Libero can make a permanent substitution. The match can start with 5 players. Please review all Substitution Rules in the Guidelines under Section E.5 SUBSTITUTIONS and Section F – Match Procedures (F 1 Format)
  • Injuries: If an injury takes place, please ensure the following is done: During a match, if a player goes down, regardless of the severity, the injury should be listed on the back
    of the scoresheet. This should be indicated by the referee. If the referee fails to mark down that a
    player was injured, either team can make a note on the scoresheet. It would be greatly appreciated if a
    witness (“player”) marks down the injury report, not the injured player. Your tier convenor may need to
    reference this injury report if a claim will be made at a later date. All other insurance related items can be found at: Insurance
  • Please ensure your team leaves a clean facility (gym, change room, etc.) at the end of each match

Welcome to the WWVL Website

The Winnipeg Women's Volleyball League is a non-profit association created to provide a tiered level of volleyball competition for women in Winnipeg. A volunteer Executive Committee manages the WWVL and is responsible for organizing gym times and referees, scheduling matches, managing league fees, and the overall operation of the WWVL. All new teams interested in joining the league should send a representative to our Fall Organizational Meeting once we have rescheduled the time at Bronx Park Community Centre. New teams will be required to submit a Preliminary Roster form online (click on the Registration tab for the link under New Team when we open it up again) and a $100 Performance Bond. Any individual players who are interested in playing should sign up on our individual players page. For more information about the WWVL, please contact a member of the Executive (see Contacts page).