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Spring AGM Meeting - Bronx Park Community Centre
Spring AGM Meeting - May 25th, 2022 - 7 PM


Last Updated: May 12, 2022, 10:40 am
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Winnipeg Women's Volleyball League Spring Annual General Meeting 

Wednesday, May 25th at 7pm
Bronx Park Community Centre  (131 Chelsea place)

Attendance by a team representative is mandatory. Failure to attend will result in the forfeiture of the team's $100 performance bond.

Please remember to also advise if you will be leaving the $100 performance bond with the league. This can be found under your team's registration. Ensure that you select Yes or No ahead of the spring AGM so that we can accommodate requests accordingly. 


Section appears like this under Registration:

Performance Bond

Current Value: $ 100

Do you want to keep the performance bond in the league for next season?
 Yes     No


As a reminder - we will be voting to accept the minutes from the last meeting (the Fall Organizational Meeting).  Please remember to review the minutes which can be found on www.wwvl.ca under the Downloads section. 

See you then!


Spring AGM Meeting - Updated to May 25, 2022

To all WWVL members, 

Spring AGM meeting updated to May 25th, 2022. Further info to be provided closer to the date. 




Thanks for a great season!

To all of our WWVL members, 

Thanks for a great season!

We hope that you all are keeping safe with this most recent COVID wave. As our spring meeting will be upcoming shortly, we will update the website and team contacts as required. 

Thank you again for your patience and cooperation through the 2021-2022 season. We couldn't have done it without all of you! 


Updates to 5 Player Rule/ Subsitutions

To all WWVL members,

In order for our league to be fluid and accommodate changing needs and to allow games to be played/minimize defaults,  effective immediately, the following will be allowed effective Monday, Dec 6, 2021 and ONLY for the duration of the 2021-2022 Season. These new rules have been provided to the MVOA, who will communicate it down to the refs.

Teams can start and play with 5 players:

If a team only have 5 players at the starting match time, they will be allowed to start without penalty.  This overrides the following guideline, E.6.2,  in a temporary capacity for the 2021-2022 Season . The following are the scenarios:

  • If a 6th player arrive, they will join the rotation in the following set.
  • In the case of 5 players, 3 players will always be considered front row players.
  • When the “ghost” player rotate into position 1 to serve, that team will lose the serve.

In the case of an injury, if a team only have 5 players, they can continue playing, but the injured player cannot re-enter the match.  The “ghost” player will also be used. 


  • In relation to substitutions, we will be allowing the following, in a temporary capacity for the 2021 – 2022 Season which overrides the current guideline, E.5. Substitutions.
    • 2 substitutions without tier convenor approval
    • 2 Substitutions can be taken from either a lower or 1 from a lower tier and 1 one from a higher tier (maximum 2 tiers higher than your current tier – example Tier 6 , could get a player from tier 4) without approval from a tier convenor
    • Substitutions can sub for more than 3 games per round robin

E.5 Guideline currently states the following:

      • E.5 SUBSTITUTIONS If a team is concerned that they cannot field six players for an entire match from their roster, the team may use a player registered in the same or lower WWVL tier as a substitute for the match (where Tier 1 is the highest tier). Teams in the lowest tier may only use players registered in the tier directly above or in the same tier. The substitution (player name, registered team and tier) must be noted on the match scoresheet. • Teams may only use one (1) substitute from a different team per match. • Players may substitute three (3) times for any one team per round robin.



Welcome to the WWVL Website

The Winnipeg Women's Volleyball League is a non-profit association created to provide a tiered level of volleyball competition for women in Winnipeg. A volunteer Executive Committee manages the WWVL and is responsible for organizing gym times and referees, scheduling matches, managing league fees, and the overall operation of the WWVL. All new teams interested in joining the league should send a representative to our Fall Organizational Meeting once we have rescheduled the time at Bronx Park Community Centre. New teams will be required to submit a Preliminary Roster form online (click on the Registration tab for the link under New Team when we open it up again) and a $100 Performance Bond. Any individual players who are interested in playing should sign up on our individual players page. For more information about the WWVL, please contact a member of the Executive (see Contacts page).