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Sept 16 7 PM
Fall Meeting - Bronx Park Community Centre (located at: 131 Chelsea Place Winnipeg, Manitoba R2K 0Z4)

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Last Updated: September 29, 2021, 1:47 pm
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Follow up to Sept 16 2021 Fall Meeting

To all WWVL Members, 

We have actioned the items from the Sept 16th meeting. An email will be sent out to the team contacts regarding the items/responses, however, here are the high level items/responses that we can place here: 

> Placement meeting -  is happening this week ending October 1st. Your tier convenor will be in touch with you following the placement meeting to provide you with your schedule. Games are tentatively scheduled to start the week following Thanksgiving weekend. 

> League Fees - Based on a review of our facilities and the decrease of one round robin this year, we are reducing the annual fees to $1100 from $1300. 

> Vaccination Proof - Military immunization cards will be accepted at our facilities. Please also ensure that you have your id with you (regardless if you have immunization cards vs a QR vaccination code). 

Vaccination Status - regardless of any provincial mandates to be rolled out later, the WWVL has taken the stance that team members and subs must be fully vaccinated for the duration of the 2021-2022. Unvaccinated participants will not be allowed in the facilities. 

> Refunds - We have received some information regarding a 4th wave shutdown and refunds from our facilities. At this time, we can't ensure that we will provide a full refund back for the entire season as it will depend on timing, etc however we will keep you up to date with any changes on that as we will decide at our placement meeting tomorrow on approach for this. 

> Spectators - For the most part, spectators will NOT be allowed at any of our facilities. If you do have to bring your children with you, they need to be listed on the tracking sheet for that day. 

> Time limits at facilities - we will provide out a table to the team contacts for the facilities and will include as part of the policies section on the Downloads  tab. The general approach should be to come right ahead of your game, mostly changed and to leave as quickly as possible. 

> Facility Setup: 

- Bronx - WWVL teams will have to setup

- Dakota - will setup for us 

- St Alphonsus - WWVL teams will have to setup

- MBCI - WWVL teams will have to setup

- Sturgeon Heights - WWVL teams will have to setup

> The financials information is still available at. We will provide commentary back on the email surrounding questions regarding the financials, transition from year to year. 

2019 -2020: https://www.wwvl.ca/media/FOM-Budget-19-20.pdf

2020-2021: https://www.wwvl.ca/media/FOM-Budget-20-21.pdf

COVID-19 Update and 2021-2022 Season

To all WWVL members, 

Our AGM is now scheduled for Thursday, Sept 16 at 7 pm.

Please ensure that one fully vaccinated team member is in attendance at the meeting as full vaccinations are a requirement of the Bronx Facility located at 131 Chelsea Place. We will make minutes, agenda items etc available on the website and our facebook page. An email will be sent out to team contacts as a reminder as well. 

The registration system is now open and we encourage you to register your team and enter your roster ahead of the AGM date next Thursday. The log in is as follows and is under Registration on the website: https://www.wwvl.ca/ers_login.php

Please keep in mind all team members need to be fully vaccinated and abide by the facility policies which will be providing on our website. 

At this time, we will not be accepting new teams initially, as we are addressing the existing members needs first.

New teams can fill out the new team registration form available on the registration tab, for information purposes and if we can accommodate, we will.

An additional option is to sign up as a new player on the find a team/player tab: https://www.wwvl.ca/players.php


-WWVL Board

Welcome to the WWVL Website

The Winnipeg Women's Volleyball League is a non-profit association created to provide a tiered level of volleyball competition for women in Winnipeg. A volunteer Executive Committee manages the WWVL and is responsible for organizing gym times and referees, scheduling matches, managing league fees, and the overall operation of the WWVL. All new teams interested in joining the league should send a representative to our Fall Organizational Meeting once we have rescheduled the time at Bronx Park Community Centre. New teams will be required to submit a Preliminary Roster form online (click on the Registration tab for the link under New Team when we open it up again) and a $100 Performance Bond. Any individual players who are interested in playing should sign up on our individual players page. For more information about the WWVL, please contact a member of the Executive (see Contacts page).