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To all WWVL Members, 
As we have kicked off the 2021 -2022 season, thought it would be good to send out a few reminders regarding conduct of play, facility requirements as some items/comments have come back from tiers & facilities:  
Scanning/ Proof - At facilities where employee members are completing the scanning, members will just follow the facility protocols. At facilities, where WWVL board members/tier volunteers are doing the scanning we are working through the most efficient way of doing this. On the first night, all players were scanned/id checked.  Going forward, we will try to keep a list of people that were previously scanned, so that we just have to check people in, and then fully scan net new individuals each week. Please continue to be patient as the WWVL board works through these procedures. 
Vaccination Proof - Military immunization cards will be accepted at our facilities. Please also ensure that you have your id with you (regardless if you have immunization cards vs a QR vaccination code). 
Vaccination Status - regardless of any provincial mandates to be rolled out later, the WWVL has taken the stance that team members and subs must be fully vaccinated for the duration of the 2021-2022. Unvaccinated participants will not be allowed in the facilities. 
Mask Wearing - mask wearing is required on the sidelines and in the facilities unless you are actively playing on the court. This means that if you are not playing during the set, sitting on sidelines, getting water etc, you need to be wearing your mask.
Spectators - Spectators will NOT be allowed at any of our facilities regardless of if they are double vaccinated or not. If you do have to bring your children with you, they need to be listed on the tracking sheet for that day and it will need to meet the facilities policies (i.e. with a double vaccinated individual, etc.) . For specific facilities that do not have available capacity, no spectators will be allowed at all, these facilities are as follows: 
 - Bronx Park
 - MBCI Blue and Red Gyms 
Time limits at facilities - we will provide out a table to the team contacts for the facilities and will include as part of the policies section on the Downloads  tab. The general approach should be to come right ahead of your game, mostly changed and to leave as quickly as possible. 
Scorecards - Teams should have a set of scorecards to provide to the ref. Most ref's do provide scorecards but just a reminder that it is in our guidelines for all teams to have a set. 
Home Team Responsibilities - please refer back to the email provided to the team contacts by tier convenors. Home Team Responsibilities are as follows: 
- Provide scoresheet
- Provide game ball 
- Set up net (1st game)/ Take down net (2nd game)