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In order to register as a sub, player must be registered on a current WWVL roster.

Below are a list of players available to substitute on another team.
WWVL guidelines regarding substitutions still apply and can be viewed in the download section.

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sarah borlase
2043401041sarahtborlase@gmail.com11Pwr/RSI am free and night excpet fridays. Our team is in tier 11 but i usually sub for tier 3 and play co-ed
Tracy Kwasny
306-696-7211tkwasny@sasktel.net13Pwr/MWednesday, Thursday
Ayla Spence
2048725562Aylakaterispence@hotmail.com13SAny night except Tuesdays
Maggie Okeke
2045991445mflett31@outlook.com14SAny day except Tuesday
Tyra Tetrault
Darlene Keeper
Becca Brown
204-557-944517brown.becca17@gmail.com4AnyAny night but Friday
Destiny Ewach
(204) 297-6114destiny.ewach@hotmail.com4Sany night
Ashley Beck
12048071711ashleybeck_6@hotmail.com5Pwr/RSAny night
Ashton Brandt
12042092216albrandt9@gmail.com6SAny night besides friday
Selena Levandoski
2045095535selena.levandoski@hotmail.com7Pwr/RSAny night my team isn't playing
Kelly Miranda
20422728897Pwr/RSAny night but when my team is playing.
Melyssa Ward
(204) 997-1300melyssa_ward@hotmail.ca8AnyWhenever my team isn't playing
Brittney Tinck
204-890-4234ney.tinck@hotmail.com8Pwr/MWhen my team isnt playing - sub often in tier 3 and play coed.
Shania Smith
204-782-7749shaniasmith23@hotmail.com9AnyAny evening except Monday

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