Substitute Player List

In order to register as a sub, player must be registered on a current WWVL roster.

Below are a list of players available to substitute on another team.
WWVL guidelines regarding substitutions still apply and can be viewed in the download section.

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Carejyne Masepela
204 890 6132masecropo@gmail.com10AnyTuesdays & Thursdays
Justice Sevillano
2048984990jussevii@outlook.com10AnyAny day but Fridays or maybe Mondays, but just shoot me a text or email.
2042303182Lilianecaetano@gmail.com11AnyMost nights I am available
Joanne Ng
(2023-11-23) Tuesdays as RR2 games are that day of the week
Meredith Wood
2047924474merewood12@hotmail.com2AnyWednesdays - before or after my team's game
Allison Zimmer
2048017925 3SSchedule varies, just text! :)
Ashley Beck
2048071711ashleybeck_6@hotmail.com4Pwr/RSAny night except Fridays
Michelle Weber
2046793499weber.michelle@yahoo.ca5MWhen I’m not playing
Michelle Di Nella
204-299-7359michelle.dinella@gmail.com5Pwr/RSAny - Played Tier 2-4 for past 10 years
Claire Driedger
2(04)952-3141clairedriedge@gmail.com6AnyI work shift work 4 on 4 off so my availability varies from week to week just send me an email/text and I'll get back to you quickly
Melyssa Ward
(204) 997-1300Melyssa_ward@hotmail.ca6Any
Desiree Marschall
2042927995Desiree.redefininglives@gmail.com6PwrMost nights
Arianna Gamblin
2043017298Ariannashanicelauren@hotmail.com6Pwr/RSAll week
Jordyn Paddock
2043650513jordynpaddock7@gmail.com6Pwr/RSAny, except Tuesdays.
Brittney Tinck
2047904234ney.tinck@hotmail.com7Pwr/MWhen I’m not playing
Joa Brunstein
204-292-7378joaquinabrunstein@gmail.com8Pwr/RSMy schedule changes a lot, right now I can’t Thursday or Wednesday night, but it’s possible that might change! So just send me an email/text :)
Taylor Malkowich
2048031211taylormalkowich@hotmail.com8SAny day but the day I play. Can also play RS.
Laura Gardner
2049515592Lauragardner@hotmail.com9AnyThursdays and Fridays
Ashlie Ducharme
204-918-3548ashlie.nicole@hotmail.com9AnyAny - Except Thursdays
Jennifer Iwanicki
Jennifer Iwanicki
Cheryl Micke
2049956334cherylmicke@shaw.ca9STuesday -late games Wed/Thurs/Fri. Text please.

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